Distinguished Teachers

Distinguished Teachers

Fan GuangZhou
Research interests:Atmospheric Numerical simulation, Climate change diagnosis, Land atmosphere interaction
Teaching: Meteorology, Advanced Synoptic Meteorology

Li GuoPing
Research interests:Plateau meteorology, GPS meteorology, Weather dynamics
Teaching:Dynamics Meteorology, Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics

Zhou YunJun
Research interests:Lightning physics, Cloud fog and precipitation physics
Teaching:Lightning Monitoring and Protection, Advanced Meteorology Physics

Zhu KeYun
Research interests:Atmospheric data assimilation, Short-term weather forecast
Teaching:Introduction to Earth science, Atmospheric Data Assimilation

Xiao TianGui
Research interests:Climate change diagnosis, Short-term weather forecast, Atmospheric dynamics
Teaching:Medium and Long-term Weather Forecast, Statistics in Weather Forecast

Chen QuanLiang
Research interests:Global climate change, Meteorological disasters & disaster prevention and mitigation
Teaching:Numerical Mathematics, Meteorology and Climatology

Gong YuanFa
Research interests: Climate change diagnosis, Asian monsoon system, Numerical simulation of atmosphere
Teaching: Numerical Weather Prediction, Asian Monsoon System

Ni ChangJian
Research interests:Climate change diagnosis, Environmental meteorology
Teaching: Air Pollution Meteorology, Scientific English in Meteorology

Liu HaiWen
Research interests:Climate change, Mesoscale numerical simulation
Teaching: Dynamic Meteorology, Atmospheric Fluid Dynamics

Bai AiJuan
Research interests:Weather dynamics, Short-term weather forecast, Radar meteorology
Teaching: Radar Meteorology, Integrated Application of Atmospheric Sciences

Wang Lei
Research interests:Microwave remote sensing, Land surface process, Climate change
Teaching: Principles of Synoptic Meteorology, Micrometeorology

Yuan ShuJie
Research interests:Meteorological disasters & disaster prevention and mitigation, Applied Meteorology, Atmospheric physics & Atmospheric environment
Teaching: Synoptic meteorological analysis, Atmospheric Physics I

Li Chao
Research interests:Data integration and visualization, Software engineering method and technology in meteorology
Teaching: Atmospheric Circulation, Medium-term Weather Forecast & Short-term Climate prediction

Zhang Bi
Research interests:Meteorological disaster risk assessment, Meteorological disaster emergency management
Teaching: Introduction to Meteorological Engineering, Comprehensive Experiment in Applied Meteorology