• Dr. Xin Zhou reported that the key role of the background the SST incold tongue region of the Pacific Ocean in the asymmetric feedback of the polar vortex on ENSO

    Recently, Dr. Xin Zhou (corresponding author) from the school of atmospheric science of our university cooperated with experts from Beijing normal university in Environmental Research Letter, an international Top journal in the field of geosciences (SCI journal of the Chinese academy of sciences sub-division: major subject — geoscience 2 zone; IF= 4....

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  • Laboratories

    Climate & Climate Change Laboratory Meteorological Application and Service Laboratory Meteorological Disasters & Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Laboratory

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  • Research Achievements

    “Research and application technological development of transmission-line icing”, awarded the second prize of Sichuan Province Scientific and Technological Progress in 2011 “GPS surface-based moisture monitoring technology research and meteorological operational application systems”, awarded the second prize of Sichuan Province Scien...

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  • Research Teams

    Meteorological Disaster & Disaster Prevention and Mitigation: Team leader: Professor LI Guoping Members: ZHU Keyun, XIAO Tiangui, LIU Haiwen, BAI Aijuan, HAN Lin, WANG Wei, MAO Wenshu, WEN Xiaohang, CHEN Keyi, FENG Caiyun, WANG Chao, ZHAO Pengguo Research interests: Plateau vortex, southwest vortex numerical simulation and numerical prediction technolo...

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